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Commercial Auto – Broad Protection for your clients’ businesses

FleetCover delivers broad, flexible business auto coverage to your clients with 23 coverage extensions that can be offered as a single optional coverage endorsement.

Additional Coverage Benefits

  • Additional Insured – Automatically provides insured status when required by written contract
  • Broadened Named Insured – Any new entities acquired or employees hired are immediately and automatically covered until your policy expires
  • Waiver of Subrogation – Provides an automatic waiver of rights of subrogation when required by a written contract
  • Customer Lease or Loan Physical Damage – In the event of a total loss, all covered vehicles are insured for actual cash value or outstanding indebtedness, whichever is greater
  • Rental Reimbursement or Additional Transportation – Up
    to $1500 for 45 days with no imposed daily limit
  • Extended Glass – The deductible is waived when you have the glass repaired rather than replaced
  • Extended Towing – Covers up to $750 in towing per disablement. If a truck type vehicle is disabled, a $250 deductible applies
  • Personal Effects Coverage – Provides up to $500 for loss to clothing items or other owned personal effects inside auto at the time of loss
  • Auto Medical Payments – Provides increased auto medical payments to$5,000 if coverage is purchased, and triggered by the appropriate Covered Auto Symbol on the declarations
  • Hired Auto Physical Damage and Loss of Use Expenses – Extends coverage to hired autos in addition to covered owned autos. Hired auto loss of use expense provides limits of
    $100 per day with a $1000 maximum
  • Two or More Deductibles
    For physical damage coverage, in the event that more than one Allianz coverage form applies to the same accident, then we will apply only one deductible to the accident

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