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Commercial Property

In an effort to support our customers and distribution partners, Axon Middle Market Package is pleased to announce its focused approach to growth in our core segments.

Automatic Coverages we Include:

Coverage Limit
Accounts Receivable $1,000,000
Civil Authority Coverage $500,000
Communicable Disease Coverage $250,000
Data, Media, Software $1,000,000
Debris Removal Coverage $5,000,000
Dependent Property Coverage $50,000
Fine Arts Coverage $250,000
Installation Coverage $100,000
Money and Securities Coverage $100,000
Newly Acquired Location Coverage $1,000,000
Ordinance or Law Coverage $1,000,000
Outdoor Trees, Shrubs, Plants, and Lawn Coverage $100,000
Transit Coverage $100,000
Unnamed Location Coverage $1,000,000
Utility Services Coverage $500,000
Valuable Papers and Records $250,000

All Submissions should be forwarded to Todd Hendershot