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Affinity Insurance Services

Affinity Insurance Services

The affinity insurance industry is experiencing never before seen challenges and opportunities that are revolutionizing the marketplace. Technology is reinventing insurance distribution and Axon’s affinity professionals are aggressively pioneering this digital transformation on behalf of its brokerage partners and clients.

Providing reliable strategies and omni-channel platform based program solutions to each of its clients, Axon’s brokerage and underwriting experts raise the bar in affinity insurance performance. Our extensive understanding of the affinity insurance industry enables to us to provide new and innovative solutions. We focus on the distribution of personal and small commercial insurance products through traditional and alternative channels.



Our Approach is to deploy client branded and customized affinity insurance programs that build our clients’ brands, enhance engagement, drive consumer, member and employee loyalty all while creating new revenue streams tied to insurance commissions.


Experience working with affinity groups, financial institutions, associations, and large employers across multiple industries to deploy custom platform based solutions that simplify enrollment and drive customer engagement in new ways.


Relationships across hundreds of personal lines and commercial carriers, tech and software companies, licensed call centers, marketing agencies, data analysts and other relevant insurance and non-insurance vender partners. Axon conducts RFPs and does all the heavy lifting involved with choosing the right combination of affinity partners.

Administrative Support

Administrative Support that handles all affinity program workload allowing clients to focus on their core business.

Loyalty & Brand Recognition

Loyalty & Brand Recognition strategies that build Clients’ brands, communities and promote customer loyalty


Exclusive Access

Direct access to top-rated insurance products, services and highly- relevant benefits.

Simple Enrollment

All-in-one, omni-channel enrollment platform customized for industry and user type. Axon partners with top-industry leaders.

Top-Rated Carriers

Axon will source top-rated insurance carriers and customize coverage to address individual needs in all 50 states provides simple online enrollment with live assistance from licensed insurance consultants.

Real Discounts

Axon negotiates insurance and noninsurance product discounts to enhance benefit offering and help drive engagement. Each set of products is negotiated on a per program basis.

» Renters/Homeowners
» Personal
» Auto
» Life
» Accident
» Health
» Dental
» Vision

» Professional (E&O)
» General Liability
» Property
» Cyber Liability
» Commercial Auto
» Umbrella Liability
» Workers Compensation

» Valuable and highly-relevant benefits for association members, customers or employees

» CHOICE Program gives customers total flexibility and ability to compare and contract coverage

» Live licensed consultants performs needs analysis to match customer with the product that meets their needs

» Seamless, reliable and accessible customer service

» Maximizes participation and customer satisfaction

» Welcome Packets

» Direct Mail/Mailbox

» Advertising – All types

» Electronic Mail

» Online Portal Integration

» Mobile App Integration

» Face-to-face Enrollment

» Live Community Events

» Outsource HR Platform Provider

» Small Firm Data Breach Protection

» Small Firm Business 401k

» OSHA Compliance Programs

» Phone/Wireless Service Discounts

» Discounted Office Supplies (Direct Mail Membership Card)

» Roadside Assistance

» Entertainment Discounts

» Theater, Movies and Events

» Discounted Ski Lift Tickets

» Travel Discounts

» Retail Shopping Discounts