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Pollution Legal Liability

Companies that own or operate land are increasingly at risk of realizing significant environmental liabilities as a result of sweeping environmental laws and regulations. Emerging pollutants such as mold, legionella and indoor air contaminants can appear even within the most innocuous facilities. Axon Underwriting can tailor insurance solutions to help manage environmental risks associated with the ownership and operation of real estate.

Fully Integrated Approach to Insuring a Property Owner’s/Operator’s Environmental Exposures:

Pre-existing and New Pollution Conditions

Crisis/Reputation Management

Non-owned Disposal Site Liability

Transportation Pollution Liability

Contracting Services Pollution Liability

Business Interruption

Products Pollution Liability

Pollution Liability Coverage for Your Insured Site(s) can include:

Asbestos or Lead for Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Cleanup of Soil/Groundwater

Broad Coverage for Your Contracting (by you or on your behalf) & Transportation Operations

Emergency Expense Coverage

Separate Limits and Retentions Available for Coverage Sections (subject to one Policy Aggregate)

Target Clients:

Industrial (Manufacturing & Distribution)

Commercial (Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Warehousing)

Institutional (Educational, Hospital, Municipalities)

Real Estate / Habitational / Office (REITs, Property Mangers)

Environmental Facilities (Waste Treatment, Disposal, Recycling)

Coverage Terms:

Minimum Premium: $3,500

Maximum Limits: $5,000,000 Each /$10,000,000 Aggregate

Minimum Retention: $5,000

Maximum Policy Term: 5 years

Maximum Portfolio: 15 Locations

Underground Storage Tank(s) can be scheduled for coverage subject to underwriting (incl. financial assurance where necessary)

Third Party Claims & First Party Discovery Trigger

Bodily Injury (incl. medical monitoring), Property Damage (incl. Natural Resource Damage), & Cleanup Costs (incl. Environmental Professional trigger absent applicable environmental laws)

Discovery of Both Onsite & Offsite Pollution Incidents

Broad Definition of Pollution Conditions—not all pollutants are hazardous or toxic

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