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Storage Tank Liability

Financial Responsibility Certificates as required.

Are your storage tank policies too much trouble? Axon’s Storage Tank Liability Program provides a simple solution for best-in-class-coverage. Simply send your tank info in any format available by email to tank@axonu.com and our highly responsive tank underwriting team will evaluate for optimal pricing and coverage, then quickly provide a customized quotation.

New EZ-Tank Insurance!

Learn more about our new EZ-Tank Insurance: Download our EZ-Tank Flyer or use our online quote request form right now!

Key Features:

Our broad coverage form includes Third-party Bodily Injury, Property Damage and Corrective Action Costs

Coverage for underground and aboveground tanks in all 50 states, single tanks or a large portfolio of wide- ranging construction types

Coverage considered for tanks up to 40 years old

Retroactive dates matching expiring coverage

Deductibles as low as $5,000

Minimum Premiums as low as $500

Onsite and offsite Coverage

Target Industries:

Gas stations


Office Buildings

Auto Dealers

Manufacturing Facilities





Many more industries accepted…

Our Advantages:

Separate defense limit

Coverage for fines and penalties where permitted by law

Coverage based on Responsible Insured’s knowledge of pollution incidents

Emergency and First Aid expenses

Bodily Injury includes medical monitoring

Coverage for temporary workers

Coverage for Voluntary Clean Up programs

Automatic indemnification with written contract

Restoration Cost coverage

No exclusion for asbestos or lead based paint

Exclusive ‘Axon Edge Endorsement’ Coverage Enhancements:

Release arising out of loading or unloading

Blanket additional Insured wording

Corrective Action Costs include testing, monitoring and evaluation

Insured Tanks include above ground dispensing or pumping equipment at gasoline stations

A Release includes leakage

Primary and non-contributory coverage

AXON Storage Tank Flyer – Download

AXON Storage Tank Application – Download

All Submissions should be forwarded to tank@axonu.com.