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Transportation Pollution Liability

Transportation and logistics industry companies relying solely on the CA 9948 for pollution coverage are missing important liability protection for some of the largest and most frequent transportation pollution exposures. Axon’s pollution coverage professionals will work closely with each applicant to tailor coverage specific to their exposures.

Coverage benefits of the Axon Transportation Pollution Policy:

Coverage during, prior and subsequent to loading and unloading

Coverage where liability is assumed by contract

Natural Resource Damage Coverage

Coverage for pollution as the result of misdelivery

Waste Disposal Site Coverage

Site Pollution Coverage

24/7 emergency spill response support hotline

Payment of Environmental Crisis Management fees

Coverage for civil fines, penalties or assessments


Carrier experience matters when it comes to pollution claims!

Having an experienced pollution carrier respond to a spill not only simplifies and expedites the claims handling process, it helps prevent against civil penalties and fines for incorrect or late reporting of spills to regulatory agencies (e.g. local municipalities). This has been a major issue for many insureds using auto carriers not familiar with proper pollution reporting procedures.

What’s wrong with the pollution coverage provided by my CA 9948 Endorsement?

A number of items remain uninsured or ambiguous on the Commercial Automobile’s standard CA 9948 endorsement. These items include but are not limited to:

Coverage may not be provided during, prior and subsequent to loading and unloading and with over 90% of all spills occurring during loading and unloading this coverage it critical!

Coverage may not be provided where liability is assumed by contract

Coverage may not be provided for Natural Resource Damage

Coverage may not be provided during release of pollution while not in transit (e.g. storage). This may apply to drop tank trailers, (where fuel trailers are dropped for customer use), and cargo otherwise at rest (parked overnight at a terminal)

Coverage may not be provided for pollution as the result of misdelivery

Failure to understand the MCS-90 Endorsement may result in a significant uninsured pollution loss!

The MCS-90 Endorsement is an obligation of financial responsibility only, not insurance. For example, if an insurer is required by the MCS-90 to pay damages for environmental restoration, but the Commercial Automobile policy to which the MCS-90 is attached excludes pollution, the insurer must still pay for the environmental restoration costs. However, in this example, not only does the insurer have a contractual right to full reimbursement, the insured agrees to make such reimbursement to the insurer for such sums paid.

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